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Take a virtual trip to an AWR Studio, visit a Transmitter site, and see Listeners' lives changed ... in full 360° immersion

Experience these top AWR rides:

  • AWR Overview: How We Reach Listeners
  • AWR Guam Shortwave Station
  • AWR Studio Producers at Work
  • Remote Village Life in Myanmar (Burma)
  • City Life Somewhere in the Middle East
  • This is the future staring at you, inviting you to see the world through the eyes of those who are being transformed by God's final message. Without the need of transport, it's the calling to enter the radio stations and meet the people who are changing the world. There is something godly and inspiring about this project. It's truly awesome.

    Jack Black
    Sam Neves, Visionary & CEO of Heroes The Game
  • An amazingly creative way to help each one of us see where and how God is transforming lives. We can now, through technology, visit and really feel like we´re “there.” A very creative way [of telling stories] so that each of us can be participants in what is happening around the world. Language does not properly describe what we can feel, but the word “stunning” certainly comes to mind.

    Jack Black
    Ronald Vyhmeister, Vice-Chancellor of Adventist University of Africa (Kenya)

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Experience these top AWR rides:

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    • • Current version contains one video, future updates (coming this year) will add more videos & Spanish
  2. Insert your smartphone into the goggles, start the app and press play.
  3. Toggle the Sphere/VR button (virtual reality) to watch with or without the goggles.
  4. In VR mode, toggle the Motion button to fully enable the gyroscope.
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Meet the 360 video team

We loved capturing these stories, and are sure you will enjoy them as much as we did...

Shelley Freesland

Executive Producer

Shelley Nolan Freesland is the communication director for AWR, based at AWR’s Global Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

Jason Satterlund

Director / Producer

Award-winning film producer. Creator of #TheRecordKeeper. Director at Big Puddle Films. Lives in Portland, USA.

Daryl Gungadoo

Producer / DP

Broadcast engineer, inventor, photographer, scuba diver, cultural anthropologist, 3rd culture kid & nomad. Currently camps in London, England.

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